“There are many different ways to grow your business,” Nicole Lian says. “Not just through revenue growth and profits, but through people. Businesses are made up of people, and there are so many ways to grow those individuals.”

Lian’s experience spans working with sensor intelligence manufacturers, precision medicine companies, and computer hardware manufacturers, to name a few. Before joining Enterprise Minnesota, she worked as an HR freelancer in the Minneapolis area.

Though a native Minnesotan, her first foray into HR was in London, England. She returned to Minnesota where she worked 13 years in human resource leadership at SICK, Inc. She then stepped out for 18 months to travel around the world — literally — visiting multiple countries and three continents. Following that adventure, she joined the HR staff at OceanTech before forming her own HR consulting business.

Lian’s eager to share her experience in strategic HR with manufacturers across Minnesota.

“Employees are a company’s lifeblood. So, Enterprise Minnesota’s focused attention on talent and leadership development is meeting the incredibly high demand of our current and future marketplace.”

But most importantly, Lian says, it’s about listening to build connections.

“That allows me to understand my clients’ needs and eventually come up with projects that will help them grow their business — by not only growing profitably but also growing their employee base so they’re happy and engaged.”

Featured story in the Fall 2022 issue of Enterprise Minnesota magazine.

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