Engaging your most valuable asset

Creating a culture of engagement as part of your talent retention and growth strategy.

Talent and Leadership

Manufacturers are increasingly challenged by their inability to find and retain qualified, skilled and productive talent. As evidenced by our State of Manufacturing® survey, attracting qualified workers continues to be a major obstacle to growth.

Enterprise Minnesota’s talent and leadership experts can help you develop strategies to attract, engage, invest in and retain your workforce.

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Talent and leadership services we offer

Ensure that your employees are your strongest advocates. Scroll down to learn more about each topic.

Leadership & Talent Assessment

Understanding your employee experience.

Defining Processes

Consistent throughputs for every single product.

Culture Building

Creating a positive and supportive workplace.

Leading Change

Helping organizations embrace change for long-term success.

New Employee Integration

On-boarding and training programs.

Leadership & Talent Assessment

Discovering current employee engagement, skill-based competencies and potentials gaps.

  • For leadership teams
  • For employees
  • Cultural assessment
  • Opportunities for growth
Talent Assessment

Defining Processes

Understanding your standard work and unique processes keeps workers engaged and supports new employee onboarding.

  • TWI – Job Instruction
  • TWI – Workplace Relations
  • TWI – Job Safety
  • TWI – Job Methods
Manufacturing Leadership Development

Culture Building

Company culture is not games in the break room, it’s engaged and satisfied employees. The pinball is just a bonus.

  • Defining your culture
  • Employee engagement
  • Employees as problem solvers
Manufacturing Culture Building

Leading Change

Helping organizations understand the value of embracing change as part of company culture

  • Supporting leaders to increase their effectiveness
  • Preparing an organization for a “change mindset”
  • Increasing sustainability of efforts

New Employee Integration

How are your new employees treated when they begin work? Do your existing workers understand the on-boarding process?

  • Developing your training processes
  • Helping retiring staff integrate younger workers
  • Handling basic skill gaps between generations

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