Manufacturing Talent & Leadership Development

Helping your company develop strategies to attract, engage, and retain your employees.

Engaging employees to drive improvement

Enterprise Minnesota talent and leadership development experts bring years of experience to your organization to help you transform your workplace with and through people to get results.

A culture of engaged employees directly impacts a company’s productivity and profitability. Manufacturers that develop a culture of engagement outperform their competitors by 202%, have reduced turnover, and experience fewer safety incidents.

A workplace culture that helps employees feel engaged and valuable doesn’t happen by accident. It takes deliberate planning, action, and communication at all levels of the organization to bring it to life. Engaged organizations develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities of their team members and leaders to successfully build a culture defined by employee satisfaction and the ability to generate new ideas for improvement.

Great company cultures built to last

Enterprise Minnesota experts are here to help you create a positive working environment by deliberately engaging all employees to succeed and grow. Speak with your local business developer to learn more about how we can help you on your talent and leadership development journey.

Leadership Essentials

Helping your leaders influence the culture and performance of your company through team dynamics, skill development, and communication.

  • Defining the leadership characteristics your company needs now
  • Improve retention and productivity through effective leadership
  • Understanding versatility, accountability, and social styles
Talent Assessment

Training Within Industry (TWI)

Develop your frontline supervisors, team leaders and workers as the foundation for sustainable results in the workplace.

  • Job Instruction (JI) – the basic steps of specific job functions
  • Job Relations (JR) – build trust, collaboration, and solve people problems
  • Job Safety (JS) – understanding the chain of events leading to accidents or hazards
  • Job Methods (JM) – improving work processes and procedures
Manufacturing Leadership Development

Leading for Results

How to align leaders’ performance with overall organizational goals while building team competencies.

  • Build the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your leaders
  • Demonstrate the coaching model
  • Problem solving techniques and performance development

Change Leadership

Helping organizations anticipate and adapt to changes within their marketplaces or industries by giving employees the tools to manage change.

  • Change management and change leadership
  • Why changes fail and how to overcome resistance
  • Adaptability and resiliency in the face of change
Manufacturing Culture Building

Communication Effectiveness

Communication strategies to improve project management, process improvement, and interpersonal relationships.

  • Improve communication between teams and individuals
  • Reduce miscommunication and conflicts
  • How communications can be misinterpreted by others

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