Getting better every day

Daily process improvements and incremental waste reductions can lead to big savings. Are your employees on board?

Continuous Improvement

Manufacturers have been employing lean manufacturing principles for years, but is your organization committed to building a culture of continuous improvement? Are you empowering employees at all levels to see waste and eliminate it?

Our continuous improvement experts work with manufacturers to combine effective process improvements with engaged employees to produce efficient, agile business operations that reduce time, motion, material and energy wastes.

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Continuous Improvement Services we offer

Helping you achieve “next level lean” across your organization. Scroll down to learn more about each topic.

Lean Assessment

How lean are you currently operating?

Lean Principals

Team activities bring lean principles to life.


Creating cultures of CI.

Value Stream Mapping

Defining your current processes.

Facility Layouts

Creating ideal production pathways.

Lean Assessment

Discovering where your company is at in the lean journey. Identifying topics for safety improvement and waste reduction.

  • Comprehensive facility review
  • Lean office
  • Lean engineering
  • Set up reduction
  • Staff safety and ergonomics

Lean Principles

Employee engagement trainings and events to help your whole company operate with a lean mindset.

  • 5S workplace organization
  • Kaizen events
  • Quick wins mindset
  • Understanding the 8 deadly wastes


Developing and implementing a culture of continuous improvement from management to production floor.

  • Communication strategies
  • Fostering employee engagement and buy-in
  • Benchmarking and goal setting

Value Stream Mapping

Creating a complete picture of your production processes can help identify consolidation and improvement opportunities.

  • Mapping your complete production processes
  • Office value stream mapping
  • Analysis and improvement recommendations
Value Stream Mapping

Facility Layouts

Is your production floor configured in an optimal layout for your current processes? Have you added or are planning to add new machines or capabilities?

  • Work station efficiencies
  • Product flows and supply chains
  • Worker safety and ergonomics
  • ERP and production documentation pathways

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