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The Weekly Report – Dec. 15, 2020
With a little guidance, manufacturers can fully realize the power of assessments. 

Never underestimate the power of knowing your weaknesses.

But don’t take just our word for it. Listen to Pinnacle Climate Technologies and Minnesota Tool and Die Works. Both are examples of manufacturers that recognized a weakness then did what they had to do to correct it. The results speak for themselves.

In both cases, their discoveries started with an assessment.

Enterprise Minnesota offers assessments in many areas to identify where waste can be eliminated, and efficiency enhanced. Think of it as a diagnosis of sorts. Or perhaps an on-ramp to a highway of internal improvements in quality management systems, leadership team competency, revenue growth and other areas.

Pinnacle has worked with Enterprise Minnesota on multiple assessments over the years under CEO Ron Ten Berge’s leadership in areas such as lean, marketing and project management. In several cases, Pinnacle took what was learned in the assessment and pursued further consulting services that, in the end, made Pinnacle a better-run company.

A case study offered by Ten Berge illustrates the point: Last spring, with COVID about to alter the way the world operates, Pinnacle jumped on what it saw as a golden opportunity. Using existing technology, it quickly produced an air-purification product to address virus fears. (The results can be seen at, one of Pinnacle’s latest creations.) From conception to sales took two and a half months. That kind of speed is remarkable even in a normal economic environment. They were able to do this so quickly, in part, because they’d worked with consultants on how to effectively manage and lead employees in the remote working environment.

“This is a product that we built and launched at the beginning of the pandemic. And it’s seen some pretty substantial commercial success,” Ten Berge says. “We went from ideation to actually building a complete website, building the complete product, and delivering to consumers in 74 days — 74 days from ideation to in your home. That’s just unbelievable.”

Ten Berge credits his post-assessment work with Enterprise Minnesota Business Growth Consultant Michele Neale with giving them the tools they needed to pull it off. He says the work they’ve done since going through the assessment process has made them more flexible, more resilient and better able to adapt to any kind of adversity.

“Over the last three years, we’ve gotten much leaner, and much faster with the way we do things,” he says. “Her training was pretty in depth with our marketing team. It was about communication style. She did a bunch of things about teaching people how to manage remote employees successfully. And she was actually on our project team.”

Over at Minnesota Tool and Die Works, the facts on the ground are different, but the big picture is similar: They did an ISO assessment, which led to further improvements at the company that will help it be more competitive and more profitable. It will also help them compete for lucrative defense department contracts.

“Obviously, growth was attractive to us,” Minnesota Tool and Die President Jay Sherer says. “As well as being able to manage the business at a better level. It’s helping us organize better with record keeping, and everything that we need to do here on our end. It’s a learning experience here for the company and my team. With the assistance of Enterprise Minnesota, it’s coming to fruition.”

And that’s where the true power of assessments lies. Assessments on their own are merely a key to unlocking a world of potential. Upgrading ISO certification can open doors to new markets. Going through a lean assessment can lead to unearthing myriad inefficiencies. A cyber security assessment can guide your way to minimizing your risk of cyber theft.

Philosopher Abraham Kaplan said, “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” In other words, smart problem solvers understand that having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. Assessments are a powerful tool in discovering a more profitable and efficient future.

You can read the full article in the Spring 2021 edition of Enterprise Minnesota® magazine.

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