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Automation is Win/Win

The Weekly Report – Nov. 30, 2020
Employees should be confident that AI and automation represent job opportunities, not job jeopardy.

If you asked 10 manufacturing employees what they thought of automation or AI, chances are nine of them wouldn’t have good things to say.

But new research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests the fears that automation will steal jobs are unfounded, just as most manufacturing executive already know.

That fear might be understandable. For the past couple decades these employees have been bombarded by media—and some politicians–that automation is coming and, when it does, millions of mortgage-paying workers will be replaced by robots.

We know automation remains on the minds of Minnesota manufacturers, especially during the COVID pandemic. In our most recent State of Manufacturing survey, 25% of manufacturers surveyed said they were using automation more than they expected to at the beginning of the year; half of those said the increase was due to the pandemic.

But the MIT study gives us all reason to sit back and ponder automation for a moment. I concluded that there will continue to be plenty of jobs—more jobs than there are workers, in fact—and that automation will help companies contend with the worker shortage.

From the report: “No compelling historical or contemporary evidence suggests that technological advances are driving us toward a jobless future. On the contrary, we anticipate that in the next two decades, industrialized countries will have more job openings than workers to fill them, and that robotics and automation will play an increasingly crucial role in closing these gaps.”

Which isn’t to say automation and robotics will be a non-factor. Advancements and developments in automation and technology will be crucial to a thriving manufacturing economy. They’ll not only improve bottom lines for manufacturers, but also push those same manufacturers to develop new jobs that require new skills. If a manufacturer chooses to use robotics in some part of its operation, that shift likely will create new jobs, not eliminate them. It’s not an easy process, but it’s a necessary one.

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“These technologies, in concert with economic incentives, policy choices, and institutional forces, will alter the set of jobs available and the skills they demand,” the report said. This process is both challenging and indispensable. Inventing new ways of accomplishing existing work, new business models, and entirely new industries drives rising productivity and new jobs. Such innovations bring new occupations to life, generate demands for new forms of expertise, and create opportunities for rewarding work.”

Most of today’s production jobs didn’t exist in 1940. That same evolution will continue as America works to solve critical problems facing the world including, the report says, poverty, malnutrition and disease. Savvy manufacturers will take these conclusions as a signal to proceed and invest wisely in the kind of automation that not only helps them grow profitably, but also  positions and trains workers to grow with them.

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