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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

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Empowering Your Continuous Improvement
Thursday, Apr 25, 2019
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Empowering Your Continuous Improvement
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Eliminate waste, improve productivity, grow your bottom line

What We Do

Manufacturers have been employing lean manufacturing principles for years, but is your organization committed to building a culture of continuous improvement? Are you empowering employees at all levels to see waste and eliminate it?

Our continuous improvement experts work with manufacturers to combine effective process improvements with engaged employees to produce efficient, agile business operations that reduce time, motion, energy, and material and energy wastes.

What You Can Expect

  • Reduced lead times and inventory
  • Increased employee skills and stronger leadership development
  • Lower production costs, decreased rework, scrap, and environmental impact
  • Improved workplace safety and morale
  • Build and sustain your lean culture

How it Works

An Enterprise Minnesota client needed to shorten its lead time to meet growing sales demand while also keeping its inventory costs in check. Our continuous improvement experts led the client through a value stream mapping (VSM) of it key processes to examine the flow of production through its entire facility and how it impacted total costs. Our experts and the client’s leadership developed a future state map of their processes and created an action plan.  Enterprise Minnesota trained company staff how to recognize waste and implement improvements.  After the VSM, the client implemented our lean principles with targeted kaizen events to reduce time and motion wastes, and material and energy wastes organization-wide.

With a culture of continuous improvement in place, the client saw significantly reduced lead times and rework and decreased inventory costs. 

Why Enterprise Minnesota

For 30 years, Enterprise Minnesota has advised midsize to smaller manufacturing companies across the state on how to increase revenue, boost productivity, improve operational excellence, and grow profitably.  Our experts have spent years working in and around manufacturing and will work with you to develop the customized solutions your business needs to compete and grow. We guarantee all of our work.

We are Minnesota’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) affiliate, which provides us a dynamic network of resources that contribute to our client’s success.

Contact us to learn how your company can implement a culture of continuous improvement or begin a conversation with us to help us learn more about your company.

Our Services

  • Lean Assessment
  • Lean Principals
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S Workplace Organization
  • Kaizen
  • Manufacturing Facilities Layout
  • Set Up Reduction
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Lean Office
  • Office Value Stream Mapping
  • Quick Wins
  • Lean Engineering
  • Product Engineering

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“Every time we have engaged Enterprise Minnesota, we’ve learned something new. With their help we have been able to cut our lead times and reach our growth objectives. Having Enterprise Minnesota as another set of eyes on our business has been great.”

Verne McPherson – CEO/Owner
Tolerance Masters
Circle Pines, MN

“We found that Enterprise Minnesota worked hard to be accommodating to our needs. Tim [Bjorgum] came to us, worked with our schedule, and kept us on task until we could define the problems and the solutions. By bringing a team of employees together from the beginning of the process to the end, we were able to map our processes and identify the bottlenecks in our manufacturing flow. After engaging Enterprise Minnesota, our production rate has more than doubled. This has been a very valuable and rewarding experience for us.”

Greg Donley – Plant Manager
Midwest Fabrication and Supply
Zumbrota, MN

“We have reduced our costs and lowered our cycle times which has led to increased capacity. We couldn’t have done with this without Enterprise Minnesota.” 

Ken Detloff – Owner and CEO
Kenway Engineering
Fairmont, MN

“Enterprise Minnesota has provided Massman Automation Design with very experienced and knowledgeable support throughout the training we have received. The content has been presented in practical ways that can be applied by all who have attended. They have been instrumental in expanding the lean knowledge within our company. I would suggest that any company that has not taken the opportunity to work with Enterprise Minnesota should do so.”

Chuck Geris – Manufacturing Manager
Massman Automation Designs, LLC
Villard, MN

“Smith Foundry experienced very positive results while working with Enterprise Minnesota on several GreenLean projects.  Smith realized significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact simultaneously.  We highly recommend Enterprise Minnesota to any business that is interested in increasing profitability while also being a good steward to the environment.”

Neil Ahlstrom – President
Smith Foundry Company
Minneapolis, MN
Success Stories

Midwest Fabrication and Supply had secured a large contract with a key customer and needed to scale up its operations to meet the demands of this influx of new business.

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Tolerance Masters was looking to grow its business by 15% per year over the next five years. To achieve this the company needed to identify and develop new customers in key markets, increase its throughput, and improve its ability to meet the capacity and delivery demands of its customers.

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Kenway was looking to diversify its product offerings while maintaining quality and maximizing margins to help the company achieve its top-line and bottom-line growth objectives in order to grow by 100% over the next five years. To accomplish this, Kenway sought to implement a culture of continuous improvement.

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Massman Automation was looking for ways to empower its employees to question what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. Enterprise Minnesota had the answer.

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Smith Foundry needed to find ways to scale up its operations while simultaneously implementing lean principals and reducing its environmental impact.

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