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The Weekly Report – January 11, 2021
Manufacturers who focus on purpose, process and people can thrive in turmoil.

The sometimes-seismic changes in manufacturing over the past year provide a useful reminder that the wisest way to thrive in a state of change is to focus on what really matters — your “North Star.”

To that end, three Enterprise Minnesota consultants have put together a roadmap for the days ahead. By leveraging the three Ps of purpose, process and people, they say, manufacturers have a great chance at locking in a fourth P: profitability. Consultants Steve Haarstad, Abbey Hellickson and Greg Langfield will flesh out their findings in a virtual presentation Jan. 28, geared especially for manufacturers in southeastern Minnesota.

They say the optimal starting point is Purpose, your “core reason for being.” Aligning everything you do with your core values can help keep you on track and efficient. They’ll emphasize how staying nimble and resilient, being willing to pivot to different products or alter a process with deliberate and purposeful actions will help manufacturers stay relevant.

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Purpose also extends to long- and short-term planning. The pandemic taught most manufacturers how new, unexpected changes can occur almost overnight to drastically change the game. Short term planning will help diminish the effects of those changes. Long-term plans, meanwhile, exist at that 30,000-foot level, can still help guiding the ship toward the North Star.

At the same time, the second P — process — helps maintain a true course. Manufacturers, our consultants say, should strive for ongoing improvements in the utilization of resources. One way this can be done is through automation, a word that in the past has understandably spooked many manufacturing employees who feared job loss. But as we wrote a few weeks ago (and as manufacturing executives know), automation is a job creator, not a job killer. With proper planning, automation can not only improve your bottom line, but also provide the freedom to better utilize a workforce.

And that final P — people — enables everything come together. Well-defined purpose and efficient processes can’t succeed without an engaged workforce. Manufacturers can generate effective buy-in from employees, training them advance with the skills and expertise they need to help the company adapt.

The pandemic has also shined a light on that final P. Smart manufacturers show their workers that they understand how trying times affect not only companies but also the people who work for them. After all, manufacturers don’t just want positions filled; they want people who want to be part of the team. As Henry Ford said, “If everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself.”

On Jan. 28, our consultants will go into great depth on these issues. With vaccine distribution about to make the new normal the old normal, this presentation will be a great reminder that planning for the future — however it looks — requires a holistic approach to growth.

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