Tapping Into Talent

The Weekly Report – Dec. 4, 2023
Our December 7 workshop will show manufacturers how a talent development strategy combined with proven training methods can boost productivity, retention, and organizational effectiveness.

Business growth consultant Michele Neale helps clients transform their companies by developing a talent development strategy and implementing best teaching practices. Where companies once invested up to two weeks to help employees work independently, they can now be productive after just one day one of coaching.

If your company faces training challenges, you’ll want to join us for the upcoming online workshop “Discover the Power of Organizational Knowledge.” Michele will share similar examples and show how companies that follow a proven four-step method can accelerate employee skill development and establish standardized and consistent work processes.

Participants will take away from this workshop:

  • The importance of having a talent management strategy
  • A proven 4-step method for developing organizational trainers
  • A system for identifying opportunities and development goals in your team
  • How to build a plan for future employee and leader development

Improved skill development also leads to increased engagement and higher retention. “If you can show me that I can add value within hours of me joining your company versus having to wait two weeks before I’m actually even doing anything real, I’m much more likely to stay,” Michele says.

PROduction Workforce Professionals are a contract PEO provider.

Drawing on years of coaching experience, Michele will walk through why a talent strategy is critical to overall organizational effectiveness and discuss training best practices that result in nearly immediate mastery of new tasks and productivity growth.

Michele has helped countless manufacturers align business strategies with talent management so each individual contributes to organizational goals. “The clients we serve with this can see great efficiencies, improvements and impact,” she says. “Let’s train your trainers and help you get this throughout your organization so that you can reap all these benefits.”

Please join us for the online workshop on Thursday, December 7 from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m.

Who should attend:
Any Minnesota manufacturer that wants to discover the power of teaching best practices to strengthen organizational knowledge and propel your facility to new heights of efficiency, safety, and excellence.

Register here for Michele’s December 7 workshop.

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