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The Weekly Report – December 20, 2021
Developing smart leadership in difficult times.

As our year comes to an end, it’s time to look ahead. We’re going into 2022 with a bit more positivity than we’ve had the past few years. COVID-19 is still an issue, and we know it’s going to be around for a while. However, we’ve developed policies that can help us manage it better that can also help us control the impact it has on our workforce.

COVID-19 may have slowed us down a bit, but it didn’t stop us. And it won’t. Manufacturing businesses are essential.

In the past few years manufacturing leaders have developed strategies that helped us become stronger, more creative, and resilient. They found ways to work around most of the challenges.

One important lesson: leadership matters.

Mass Mutual Chairman, President and CEO Roger Crandall pointed out why leadership is so important in these challenging times. It’s a message that speaks to (and about) our industry.

“(The pandemic) really brought home the value of knowing our purpose,” Crandall said. “There’s no universal playbook for organizations to follow right now – we each have parts to play, and if you know your purpose, it’s much easier to determine what you are best positioned to contribute in difficult times.”

Manufacturers have always known their value and purpose, and that comes from strong leadership. But where do those leaders come from? One of your best resources is your staff. We’re going to present a lot of informative workshops next year. One of them, “Developing Your Leaders from Within,” will be presented by our leadership expert Michele Neale on Jan. 6 in Dassel.

You already know your employees’ work habits, and you know they are committed to your company. Those are the employees you want, but so do other companies and recruiters could be calling them. One of the best ways to keep them is to give them a chance to grow professionally.

You should have your managers talking to your valued employees, including your skilled laborers. If you want to keep them, let them know you value them and that you’ll help them succeed. If your managers aren’t talking to your employees and helping them achieve their career goals, then don’t be surprised if they leave.

Michele’s program will help you learn how to create those leadership programs that can help you establish that connection.

In addition to Michele’s program, our staff is going to present additional workshops on our other business objectives in the coming months too. Watch our website for programs on ISO business development; growth strategies; continuous improvement; and leadership and talent improvement.

As the pandemic taught us, our manufacturing practices are good, but we can always improve them. We invite you to join us next year for some great programs and workshops, including Michele’s leadership program.

Let’s look forward to a better, brighter year ahead.

For information on our upcoming programs, visit our Upcoming Events page.

Events Calendar

January 6 – Developing Your Leaders From Within
Join us IN PERSON in Dassel, MN for a manufacturing workshop with expert Michele Neale on ways to develop your future organizational leaders, including how to define the competencies you need and making a plan for success. At the Dassel History Center.  Learn more and register

January 12 – Profiting from Revenue Growth
Expert Steve Haarstad will address ways to generate business growth by growing your bottom line. Learn growth planning fundamentals and how to create a Seven-Step Growth Action Plan. Online via Zoom  Learn more and register

February 9 – A Model for Manufacturing Excellence Using ISO 9001
ISO Certification and audit expert Keith Gadacz will be discussing the concepts of the business management system ISO 9001:2015 and how it can take your operation from average to excellent. Online via Zoom  Learn more and register

See more upcoming events

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