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ISO Management Systems

ISO Management Systems

ISO brings quality and performance together

What We Do

Is your ISO management system built into your company culture?  Do all of your employees embrace its value and use it in their work? Is ISO helping you better manage your business? Enterprise Minnesota’s Quality/Business Management System is proven to take your company from complying with ISO processes to driving your business performance.

ISO 9001:2015 is significantly different than 9001:2008. Enterprise Minnesota’s ISO quality management experts lead your company through the certification or recertification process, integrates ISO with your existing management and lean systems, and shows you how it improves your business company-wide. We guarantee your business will pass the ISO registration audit. 

What You Can Expect

  • The strongest foundation for growth
  • Worldwide OEM credibility
  • Increased employee engagement and improved organizational culture
  • Enhanced company-wide continuous improvement initiatives
  • Greater market reach and share

How it Works

A client came to Enterprise Minnesota looking to become ISO 9001 certified to grow its business with an OEM customer and to document and improve its processes and management systems. Our ISO quality management experts worked with staff across the company including quality control, sales, engineering, accounting, and leadership to ensure they understood how ISO can aide their roles and responsibilities. Achieving ISO certification was a ten-month process, with the first five months dedicated to the design and implementation of the new quality management system, and the last five months were used to actually run, test, and review the system itself.

The benefits of passing the ISO registration audit improved sales, key performance measures and improved quality and consistency in every facet of the business.  

Why Enterprise Minnesota

For 30 years, Enterprise Minnesota has advised midsize to smaller manufacturing companies across the state on how to increase revenue, boost productivity, improve operational excellence, and grow profitably.  Our experts have spent years working in and around manufacturing and will work with you to develop the customized solutions your business needs to compete and grow. We guarantee all of our work.

We are Minnesota’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) affiliate, which provides us a dynamic network of resources that contribute to our client’s success.

Contact us to learn how we can take your company’s ISO management system from compliance to performance or begin a conversation with us to help us learn more about your company.


  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Assessment
  • ISO 9001:2015 Implementation/Certification
  • AS9100 (Aerospace) Implementation/Certification
  • ISO 13485 (Medical device) Implementation/Certification
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental management) Implementation/Certification
  • Audit Services
  • Internal Auditor Training
  • Supplier Qualification

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“Through the ISO certification process we have learned that not only does it open the door for new customers, but it also helps us as a company to get our processes and procedures in line. ISO is a great drawing card because companies realize we went through the process to make our company better. Enterprise Minnesota did a great job of helping us understand ISO and getting us through the certification process.”

Greg Zierke – President & CEO
Zierke Built Manufacturing
Winnebago, MN

“The team at Enterprise Minnesota were great to work with. They brought new angles and different experience to not only help us with ISO certification but helped us in many other areas of our business. It was a very smooth and useful experience.”

Jon Boutain – CFO and Part Owner
Voyager Industries
Brandon, MN

“Achieving ISO status has impacted ERMC in ways we didn’t anticipate. For some companies having a Quality Management System or “QMS” is all about the quality. For ERMC, it’s a management system to improve how we run our business. It’s about having a management system in place that will allow our organization to grow beyond our entrepreneurial roots to become a company that can do much, much more. Focusing on the ‘M’ in our QMS has allowed us to improve our management system in ways that will enhance our organizational discipline and allow us to double the size of our operation.”

Jim Barthel – President
Elk River Machine Company
Elk River, MN

“Enterprise Minnesota has helped us to improve several aspects of our company. Becoming ISO 9001 certified helped us fill many gaps in our quality control program, helped us land new customers, and has also helped with the teamwork aspect of our company. Probably the greatest impact on our company was the lean manufacturing program, which gave us more room, better lead times, and more cash than we could have ever imagined. In three months we dropped our inventory amounts over 40% which enabled us to make cost saving improvements to increase profitability.”

Tom Rogus – President
Terog Manufacturing
Stephen, MN

“For many companies, GMI included, the appeal of ISO certification is a variety of tangible value-adds. But I believe some of the greatest benefits GMI has seen cannot be measured. Interactions between departments and personnel during our internal audits have proven extremely valuable in helping foster better communication among and a thorough understanding of each department’s responsibilities. As a result, there is a greater respect among departments for the role each plays within the larger system. The certification process has also opened employees’ minds to look for opportunities to gain even more efficiencies moving forward. In short, our culture has shifted to one of continuous improvement, adding what we feel is tremendous value to the business.”

Richard Powell – President
GMI, Inc.
Ramsey, MN
Success Stories

Voyager Industries was looking to ensure that it continued to uphold its high standards for quality and sustained its best practices as it grew. ISO 9001 proved to be the solution Voyager needed.

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Terog was looking to earn ISO 9001 Certification as a way to further bolster its reputation for quality products. More importantly, Terog was seeking ways to improve its business processes and management systems

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Zierke had two distinct issues to address: one, almost 30 percent of its customers now require their suppliers to be ISO certified, and two; it wanted to grow business internationally. 

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Enterprise Minnesota presented Elk River Machine Company with a structured approach to becoming ISO certified

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