The Power of Self-Interest

The Weekly Report – August 8, 2022
Employee-owners at D&M Industries work hard to support each other.

For the ownership group at D&M Industries, spending a few extra hours or the occasional weekend out on the production floor helping to get a rush of orders under control is no big deal. That’s because everyone at the Moorhead, MN-based manufacturer of doors, windows, and hardware is an owner.

In the upcoming issue of Enterprise Minnesota® magazine, writer Grace Bureau profiles this unique company and what makes their work culture special.

“The executive team at D&M Industries is looking for every efficiency to keep pace with its explosive growth. But after 40 years of manufacturing doors, frames, hardware and windows, most observers think the secret sauce of its success lies in the fact that it is 100% employee-owned,” she writes.

The company has grown from seven employees when it was founded in 1982 to 175 today and keeps looking for ways to grow and improve. Whether it’s upgrading equipment, incorporating automation, or improving processes, the goal is always to make the work easier, never to replace someone’s job.

“The big thing is continuous improvement,” company president Brian Becker told Grace during an interview. “Whether it’s the procurement of the product or bidding of commercial jobs, we’re constantly looking for efficiencies.”

Brad Wischnak, vice president of operations, echoed that sentiment, “You just look for the little things you can do to help the flow go more smoothly. We try to make the job as easy as we can, so people are not physically exhausted at the end of the day, and they want to come back to work the next day.”

Through its history, D&M Industries has experienced regular and steady growth, which required several moves and expansions over the years, but a rapid increase in sales in 2021 occasionally threatened to exceed its production capabilities. To meet its customers’ needs, everyone at D&M is willing to go the extra mile to make sure production volumes are completed on time, because they know everyone has a stake in the company’s success.

Grace writes, “Employee-owners from all areas of the company would head to the shop floor after their normal shifts ended. The company even held occasional “blitz weekends,” in which employee-owners volunteered to spend the weekend helping build doors and ship orders.”

Her story will appear in the Fall 2022 edition of the magazine, due out August 29th.

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