Tapping the Pipeline of Leaders

The Weekly Report – February 19, 2024
Our next workshop will show manufacturers how to build a culture rooted in engagement and problem solving–by developing future leaders.

Strong leaders create work environments that adapt to change, foster innovation, and solve problems. At an online manufacturing workshop on March 14, Abbey Hellickson will explain how manufacturers can assess their leadership needs and establish a plan to meet them.

As one of our top talent and leadership experts, for years Abbey has helped manufacturers develop their pipeline of potential leaders. “Successful companies recognize and nurture leadership potential, knowing it drives employee and organizational growth,” she says.

“When employees are involved in daily problem solving, organizations grow and improve every day,” Abbey says, leading to higher engagement and job satisfaction. Manufacturers need leaders at all levels to create the kind of climate that empowers employees.

But the process of developing leadership skills isn’t as simple as asking your best welder to supervise a team of coworkers. “Manufacturers who are committed to developing leaders need to determine which leadership traits are needed now, and which will be needed in the future,” Abbey says.

During the workshop, Abbey will discuss how manufacturers can assess their leadership needs and create a plan to develop and improve leadership skills across the company.

As the workforce ages and manufacturers continue to face challenges finding quality employees, developing leaders becomes increasingly important. I hope you can join us for this online workshop, on Thursday, March 14 from 9:30-10:45.

Abbey will show you how to:

•    Identify why leadership development is critical in today’s environment
•    Discuss emerging leadership traits – what’s needed now
•    Determine the leadership competencies that are key to your organization’s success now and in the future, and
•    Establish leadership development plans that fit your organization

Who should attend
Any manufacturer who wants to learn about effective strategies for developing leaders at all levels of your organization.

This event is exclusive to manufacturers and is free of charge.

To register for this workshop, visit our upcoming events page here.

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