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“Participating in Enterprise Minnesota’s Proactive Marketing for Manufacturers helped us realize that sales and marketing have strategic and tactical components just like any other function in the company. Our marketing plan combines all the information we gathered and places it into a detailed action plan. The time and money we committed to working with Enterprise Minnesota has generated many multiples of return in increased sales and profits."

Steve McKeown – President & CEO
Kluge Design, Inc.
Rogers, MN

“We now have solid relationships in several new countries and have the resources here in the U.S. to help us expand to other markets. Our company is growing because we took that first step to becoming knowledgeable about exporting and gaining the confidence to sell internationally.”

Allan Cronen – President
GVL Poly
Litchfield, MN

“Enterprise Minnesota offered a program that appeared well aligned to providing Delkor support in meeting our objectives. Over a period of three months, Enterprise Minnesota worked with us to help define our product offering, focus on the best markets for penetration and growth, and connect us with numerous external resources we were previously unaware of. The combination of these elements enabled us to achieve our strategic objectives and has positioned us to expand our presence in the Latin America market and improve our efforts in the Canada, Australia, and New Zealand markets.”

Mike Wilcox – Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Delkor Systems, Inc.
Arden Hills, MN

“Being able to know that we’re polluting less, spending less, and making more is one of the very rare win-win-win situations.”

Tim Ranta – Plant Engineer
Minnesota Twist Drill
Hibbing, MN

“To be the best supplier that we can be, we don’t just pass on an increase. We have to look at other ways to counter that increase. If you incorporate lean into your facility, you can make money in other ways than by raising prices. A lot of waste is out there that people don’t see. If we can save there, that will help our bottom line.”

Jeff Zoubek – Executive Vice President and Production Manager
Absolute Quality
Minneapolis, MN

“RIE Coatings could be a case study in how a company can define a value proposition, and then create and implement a plan. It’s gone very well for us.”

Chuck Rau – President
RIE Coatings
Eden Valley, MN

“We were very happy with what came out of it. Tim Bjorgum [of Enterprise Minnesota] was extremely knowledgeable and he had walked in our shoes. There is a theoretical way and then the way to do things from someone who has been on the floor and run into these problems. He’s walked the walk and is very good at workable solutions.”

Mike Conklin – Manufacturing Manager
Ritrama, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

“Enteprise Minnesota's SFM [Synchronous Flow Manufacturing] helped us maintain a very strong cash position during the recession. When credit was drying up, we didn’t need to go to creditors because we had the cash to grow. That made us able to respond to customer demand in the market. We were a company that was able to say yes every time [a company] came to us and said, ‘We’re bouncing back, can you help us?’ or, ‘We want to grow, can you help us?'"

Chad Carson – General Manager
Avicenna Technology, Inc.
Montevideo, MN

“I’ve never seen so much new work coming into our facility as there is now. That’s a direct effort from the strategic plan, looking for new markets and listening to what the market needs are. With Enterprise Minnesota coming in and helping us, they led us through a very unique process for strategic planning, [and] gave a unique perspective that we would not have come up with our own.”

Tom Renk – President
Alliant Castings
Winona, MN

 “Participating in Enterprise Minnesota’s Practical Problem Solving helped us see the value of developing our problem-solving expertise and we are becoming better at defining problems with increasing clarity. Using real problems we were experiencing during the consulting gave us the confidence that we are on the right track to higher customer satisfaction, higher margins and better teamwork.”

Dale Walker – Director of Continuous Improvement
Le Sueur Inc.
Le Sueur, MN