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“Enterprise Minnesota has provided Massman Automation Design with very experienced and knowledgeable support throughout the training we have received. The content has been presented in practical ways that can be applied by all who have attended. They have been instrumental in expanding the lean knowledge within our company. I would suggest that any company that has not taken the opportunity to work with Enterprise Minnesota should do so.”

Chuck Geris – Manufacturing Manager
Massman Automation Designs, LLC
Villard, MN

“I was fortunate to be involved with both the Proactive Marketing and Strategy Management projects.  Both were great as they focused on the needs of manufacturing companies.  Roger (Hurd) and Mary (Connor) were great resources and did a wonderful job of steering us through the projects.  With the Strategy Management, every employee in the company was involved in at least one or more of the 21 research areas.  We also included customers and vendors in the process.  As a result, we established a solid foundation from which we are able to build upon and keep the business moving forward.”

John Kroll – VP, Sales and Marketing
Midwest Rubber Service & Supply Company
Plymouth, MN

“What I appreciate most about Enterprise Minnesota’s training is that it not only allows but requires us to work on solutions to actual problems from the business. I've received excellent payback from Enterprise Minnesota training sessions in the form of solutions to problems upon following through.  In addition, attendees of these sessions develop improved problem solving skills and acquire a common language for problem solving. I highly recommend this training.”

Sam Wagner – Operations Manager
Glenwood, MN

“Enterprise Minnesota has helped us to improve several aspects of our company. Becoming ISO 9001 certified helped us fill many gaps in our quality control program, helped us land new customers, and has also helped with the teamwork aspect of our company. Probably the greatest impact on our company was the lean manufacturing program, which gave us more room, better lead times, and more cash than we could have ever imagined. In three months we dropped our inventory amounts over 40% which enabled us to make cost saving improvements to increase profitability.”

Tom Rogus – President
Terog Manufacturing
Stephen, MN

“Smith Foundry experienced very positive results while working with Enterprise Minnesota on several GreenLean projects.  Smith realized significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact simultaneously.  We highly recommend Enterprise Minnesota to any business that is interested in increasing profitability while also being a good steward to the environment.”

Neil Ahlstrom – President
Smith Foundry Company
Minneapolis, MN

"The [CEO Council] group provides an opportunity to collaborate with owners who deal with similar situations. The discussion makes you think about things you might not think of otherwise. There’s openness in the sharing, so it makes you consider all angles.”

Daryle Pomranke – President & Owner
Winnebago Manufacturing Company
Blue Earth, MN

“Enterprise Minnesota’s staff was very knowledgeable and the pace of the training was perfect. We have seen improved communication across the board, not only inside the plant, but externally with our customers as well.”

Craig Ryan – General Manager/Owner
Page 1 Printers
Slayton, MN

“Through the ISO certification process we have learned that not only does it open the door for new customers, but it also helps us as a company to get our processes and procedures in line. ISO is a great drawing card because companies realize we went through the process to make our company better. Enterprise Minnesota did a great job of helping us understand ISO and getting us through the certification process.”

Greg Zierke – President & CEO
Zierke Built Manufacturing
Winnebago, MN

“I feel like the networking and resources that we gained through Enterprise Minnesota's Global Market Strategy program helped us to move forward the equivalent of 3-4 years in about six months.  It has really accelerated our movement forward towards accomplishing our strategic goal of developing a global presence in support of our growth goals.”

Jerry Kauffman – President & CEO
Windings Inc.
New Ulm, MN

 “We are a growing company, we have been adding 10 to 20 employees a year and our experience with TWI for the leadership team proved to us that it works so with our new people we decided to make TWI a priority and we have been very happy with it. With TWI, not only do we have employees who are improving their skills, but we find that they are happier employees because they know we want them to succeed and be prepared to advance. The instructors from Enterprise Minnesota did a good job of developing a thorough process and their willingness to regularly follow-up to ensure the training was effective has definitely helped us create a better culture for change.”     

Mark Shervey – President
Pequot Tool & Manufacturing, Inc.
Jenkins, MN