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"Enterprise Minnesota gave us the tools and the confidence to improve our business. With their help, Von Ruden is prepared to face challenges head on and compete on a global playing field."

Brandon Anderson – President
Von Ruden Manufacturing, Inc.
Buffalo, MN

“Enterprise Minnesota has never felt like an outside consultant and has always been a valued partner in helping us improve the way we do business. These consulting projects not only helped us develop a roadmap to meet our strategic objective of growth, but most importantly ensured that we included all the stakeholders in Harmony Enterprises, Inc. in the process.”

Steve Cremer – President
Harmony Enterprises, Inc.
Harmony, MN

“Every time we have engaged Enterprise Minnesota, we’ve learned something new. With their help we have been able to cut our lead times and reach our growth objectives. Having Enterprise Minnesota as another set of eyes on our business has been great.”

Verne McPherson – CEO/Owner
Tolerance Masters
Circle Pines, MN

“We found that Enterprise Minnesota worked hard to be accommodating to our needs. Tim [Bjorgum] came to us, worked with our schedule, and kept us on task until we could define the problems and the solutions. By bringing a team of employees together from the beginning of the process to the end, we were able to map our processes and identify the bottlenecks in our manufacturing flow. After engaging Enterprise Minnesota, our production rate has more than doubled. This has been a very valuable and rewarding experience for us.”

Greg Donley – Plant Manager
Midwest Fabrication and Supply
Zumbrota, MN

“The consultants we have worked with at Enterprise Minnesota have been fantastic. Mary Connor was really knowledgeable and knew the Strategy Management process. The process itself was so useful and we have utilized what we learned there on other projects and initiatives during the past few years.”

Traci Tapani – Co-President
Wyoming Machine
Stacy, MN

“We have reduced our costs and lowered our cycle times which has led to increased capacity. We couldn’t have done with this without Enterprise Minnesota.” 

Ken Detloff – Owner and CEO
Kenway Engineering
Fairmont, MN

“The support we have had from Enterprise Minnesota has proved to be invaluable. The knowledge the staff has working with people is impressive. With their help, we are now able to consistently train our staff on the important steps, what we do, in what order, how we do it, and why we do it that way. Whenever we ask for a follow-up or help dealing with an issue that arises, Enterprise Minnesota’s staff has been more than willing to come to our aid whether it's a phone call or an on-site visit. At times, that has meant spending some time on our midnight shift, or even working an extra-long day to cover all three shifts; no matter, they are there for us regardless.”

Randy Tupa – Quality Assurance Manager
L&M Radiator
Hibbing, MN

“While we have done formal strategic planning for many years, marketing has always been an afterthought. With the help of Enterprise Minnesota, our marketing plan is now focused on how we can best serve our customers and has become a key part of our strategic plan.”

Tom Murphy – President
Eagan, MN

“The team at Enterprise Minnesota were great to work with. They brought new angles and different experience to not only help us with ISO certification but helped us in many other areas of our business. It was a very smooth and useful experience.”

Jon Boutain – CFO and Part Owner
Voyager Industries
Brandon, MN

“I heartily endorse Enterprise Minnesota. They have helped us focus on what is important and have added profits and value to our company.”

John Babcock – President
Rotochopper, Inc.
St. Martin, MN