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Zierke Built Manufacturing

Zierke Built Manufacturing of Winnebago, MN, provides custom fabricated products to the farming, commercial building, power generator systems, mining and off road construction, cellular and oil and gas industries throughout the United States and Canada, South America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Zierke had two distinct issues to address: one, almost 30 percent of its customers now require their suppliers to be ISO certified, and two; it wanted to grow business internationally. Zierke is selling fuel tanks in Canada; however, Canadian law requires fuel tanks to be compliant with an International Building Code (IBC), which also includes being ISO certified.  To begin working on ISO, Zierke reached out to Enterprise Minnesota for help.   

Enterprise Minnesota’s quality management experts, Tim Bjorgum and Kent Myhrman, worked with Zierke’s staff to become ISO 9001:2008 certified.  For 14 months staff at all levels worked to improve office and manufacturing processes from documenting workflow processes throughout the whole organization to performing quality checks.   

Zierke Built Manufacturing achieved ISO certification in June 2011 and as a result, it has grown its client base from three to more than 70, far surpassing its growth goal of 80 percent. Along the way, Zierke also streamlined its processes and procedures which has benefited the company’s overall operations in both quality and performance. Because every step in each process is recorded in the production system, every one of the company’s custom built material records can now be referenced in the future, if needed, setting a new standard for consistency and documentation across all departments.

The certification has also eased new employee transitions. Rather than training new employees on the job, Zierke’s new process documents serve as instructions, explaining exactly what has been done, and what should be done in every step of production for each product.


“Through the ISO certification process we have learned that not only does it open the door for new customers, but it also helps us as a company to get our processes and procedures in line. ISO is a great drawing card because companies realize we went through the process to make our company better. Enterprise Minnesota did a great job of helping us understand ISO and getting us through the certification process.”

Greg Zierke – President & CEO
Zierke Built Manufacturing
Winnebago, MN