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Kluge Design Inc.

Kluge Design Inc. (KDI) is a product development and contract manufacturer of electro-mechanical products, serving the medical, industrial and security industries. With over 30 patents, KDI simplifies complex manufacturing and design problems by applying intelligent and efficient best practices. The 28-employee company is based in Rogers, MN.

KDI has experienced solid growth over the past 25 years and most of its new customers have come from referrals. The company wanted a more consistent and sustainable approach to growing its client base.  Management’s business experience was related to the technical, operations and administrative aspects, and KDI needed to learn more about strategic sales and marketing. The company worked with Enterprise Minnesota, to gain a better understanding of how to proactively identify new markets for its products.

Enterprise Minnesota’s Proactive Marketing for Manufacturers helped KDI research its competitors’ capabilities so it could develop a strategic marketing plan that promotes KDI’s market strengths. Enterprise Minnesota also helped KDI study its existing customers to identify its ideal customers and current and future opportunities. 

As a result of its participation in the Proactive Marketing for Manufacturers program, KDI experienced a growth rate of 10-12 percent in 2012, identified a key new market with greater profit potential, gained a better focus on where to commit resources, and developed a strategic marketing plan to support its overall strategic plan.


“Participating in Enterprise Minnesota’s Proactive Marketing for Manufacturers helped us realize that sales and marketing have strategic and tactical components just like any other function in the company. Our marketing plan combines all the information we gathered and places it into a detailed action plan. The time and money we committed to working with Enterprise Minnesota has generated many multiples of return in increased sales and profits."

Steve McKeown – President & CEO
Kluge Design, Inc.
Rogers, MN