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Pequot Tool & Manufacturing, Inc.

Pequot Tool & Manufacturing Inc. is a machining and fabrication company located in Jenkins, MN. Founded in 1981 as a tool and stamping shop, Pequot Tool today offers CNC precision machining, turning, laser cutting, forming, welding, and other custom tailored manufacturing services.  With over 83,000 square feet of manufacturing space and more than 140 employees, Pequot Tool serves many industries including aerospace, medical device, and industrial equipment. It is continuing to expand.    

Pequot Tool’s rapidly rising number of employees meant that the company would have a lot of new employees to train, in addition to its existing goal of implementing a standardized talent development program for current employees.   

Enterprise Minnesota had previously helped Pequot Tool grow and develop the management team’s leadership skills using a Training Within Industry (TWI) program. Building on this past success, Enterprise Minnesota presented Pequot Tool with a single solution to train new employees and develop its existing workers’ skills. This solution incorporated Job Instruction (JI), a component of TWI which required Pequot Tool’s workforce to take part in structured classroom training sessions facilitated by Enterprise Minnesota’s certified TWI instructors. The program was delivered over a four-month period involving five skill development events and multiple follow-up sessions, as well as regular coaching and support.

Following the completion of TWI, Pequot Tool became well-equipped to handle the growth in its workforce. Within the last year, the company used TWI to effectively and quickly onboard its 31 new employees and also helped improve quality and consistency from shift to shift, leading to a reduction in rework and improved productivity, which led to higher margins and profitably.     


 “We are a growing company, we have been adding 10 to 20 employees a year and our experience with TWI for the leadership team proved to us that it works so with our new people we decided to make TWI a priority and we have been very happy with it. With TWI, not only do we have employees who are improving their skills, but we find that they are happier employees because they know we want them to succeed and be prepared to advance. The instructors from Enterprise Minnesota did a good job of developing a thorough process and their willingness to regularly follow-up to ensure the training was effective has definitely helped us create a better culture for change.”     

Mark Shervey – President
Pequot Tool & Manufacturing, Inc.
Jenkins, MN