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Page 1 Printers

Page 1 Printers is a commercial printing company with over 35 years’ experience in web and sheet-fed printing for publishers all across the Midwest and beyond. The company offers high-quality printing and on-site mailing services with an emphasis on precise results and customer service, including guaranteed turnaround and delivery. Page 1 Printers employs 60 people at its plant in Slayton, MN.

Frontline supervisors are crucial to the success of Page 1 Printers, and while these supervisors are skilled in the technical aspects of their roles, they needed to improve how they managed different work and communication styles among their employees, organizational teams, and customers.  These differences in styles led to misunderstandings, conflicts, and overall inefficiency. Management at Page 1 was looking for a solution that would help its frontline supervisors develop strong leadership and communication skills to make productive improvements in their processes, training, and customer service.

Based on its past successful consulting engagements with Enterprise Minnesota, Page 1 looked to Mary Connor and Pat Voyles, Enterprise Minnesota business growth consultants, to help them with frontline leadership training, with an emphasis on the Social Styles model. The goal of the training is to help leaders increase knowledge of their own communication style along with the styles used by their team members to improve interpersonal effectiveness and productivity. After gathering feedback from direct reports and peers, Connor and Voyles led 16 of Page 1’s leaders through a series of sessions that utilized a variety of exercises and facilitated discussions to address how their communication behaviors are perceived by those around them and how they can best adjust those behaviors to reduce tension and build better organizational morale. At the conclusion of the program all participants had  learned how to identify each of the four leading Social Styles and how to put in place action plans that will most effectively work with and accommodate each style.

As a result of the frontline leadership training and its other projects with Enterprise Minnesota over the last four years including, Training Within Industry, Lean Principles, and CEO Council membership, Page 1 Printers has:

  • Created or retained 60 jobs
  • Increased or retained $7 million in sales
  • Invested $2.5 million in plant or equipment

“Enterprise Minnesota’s staff was very knowledgeable and the pace of the training was perfect. We have seen improved communication across the board, not only inside the plant, but externally with our customers as well.”

Craig Ryan – General Manager/Owner
Page 1 Printers
Slayton, MN