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Success Stories

Midwest Fabrication and Supply - Lean, Continuous Improvement

Midwest Fabrication and Supply

Midwest Fabrication and Supply had secured a large contract with a key customer and needed to scale up its operations to meet the demands of this influx of new business.

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Tolerance Masters - Marketing, Lean

Tolerance Masters

Tolerance Masters was looking to grow its business by 15% per year over the next five years. To achieve this the company needed to identify and develop new customers in key markets, increase its throughput, and improve its ability to meet the capacity and delivery demands of its customers.

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CARDSource - Strategy, Marketing


CARDSource was looking to grow its revenue by better targeting and servicing specific market segments.

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Voyager Industries - ISO

Voyager Industries

Voyager Industries was looking to ensure that it continued to uphold its high standards for quality and sustained its best practices as it grew. ISO 9001 proved to be the solution Voyager needed.

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Kenway Engineering - Lean/Continuous Improvement

Kenway Engineering

Kenway was looking to diversify its product offerings while maintaining quality and maximizing margins to help the company achieve its top-line and bottom-line growth objectives in order to grow by 100% over the next five years. To accomplish this, Kenway sought to implement a culture of continuous improvement.

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L&M Radiator - Talent Development

L&M Radiator

L&M Radiator was looking for a way to provide its new supervisors with the tools and skills they needed to perform as leaders as well as a way to standardize its training for new and existing employees in order to get everyone on the same page in a speedy manner.

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Page 1 Printers - Talent Development

Page 1 Printers

Page 1 Printers was looking for a solution that would help its frontline supervisors develop strong leadership and communication skills to make productive improvements in their processes, training, and customer service. 

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Midwest Rubber - Strategic Growth

Midwest Rubber Service and Supply Company

Midwest Rubber experienced tremendous growth and leadership knew it needed to establish a more structured long-term strategic approach for the business to effectively position the company for continued rapid growth, and also prepare to transition to a new generation of leadership.

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