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The Weekly Report – Nov. 2, 2020
The 2020 State of Manufacturing® will reveal surprising data about manufacturing in the COVID era.

Our biggest event of the year is three days away. And, I think if you have yet to register you will want to (Click here to register). The 2020 State of Manufacturing® survey reveals the most compelling findings we’ve seen in 12 years of conducting the survey.

Are you wondering:

  • What percentage of manufacturers expect a recession?
  • What percentage of manufacturers expect a decrease in revenue or profitability?
  • What percentage of manufacturers think the COVID-19 pandemic has had  a major impact on the state’s economy and manufacturers’ businesses?

All those questions and more will be answered Thursday morning when Rob Autry, founder of Meeting Street Insights, delivers his presentation on the survey’s findings.

This event will reveal how manufacturers are feeling about business and the economy, and for the first time, we’ll hold the event virtually so anyone may attend. While we’d rather be gathering and networking in person, this first-time virtual format provides a unique opportunity for Minnesota manufacturers: No one has to travel to get here!

One thing that hasn’t changed: Rob Autry. Rob is an award-winning pollster who has had his hands deep in State of Manufacturing survey data since the early days of our first survey. Because he’s been involved since the beginning, Rob has a deep and nuanced understanding of what the results mean. And people who have been to our State of Manufacturing events in the past know how engaging and insightful he is through his interpretations and presentations of the findings.

Beyond Rob’s presentation, the State of Manufacturing event also includes a panel of experts to break down the findings and provide analysis and context. Our panel, which includes Enterprise Minnesota President and CEO Bob Kill, will be moderated by marketing and advertising guru Tom Whalen. Other panelists include E.J. Daigle, the dean of robotics and manufacturing at Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis; Dave Dickirson, general manager of Plastech Corporation; and Jason LaValley, CEO and founder of LaValley Industries.

While the data and analysis are the main course during our State of Manufacturing event, there’s another side that is just as important: the celebration of the manufacturing industry. Our annual event reminds us of the bonds that exist among manufacturers.

As you’ll see in the survey results, some manufacturers aren’t bullish on the immediate COVID-impacted future. The industry will do what it always does, navigate around any challenge they can control.

No other state in the country, by the way, captures this kind of data. By attending our virtual State of Manufacturing event, you will not only hear the survey results first, but you’ll do so in the virtual company of your industry family.

Visit our website and register for the State of Manufacturing®

Events Calendar

November 5 – State of Manufacturing Survey Release
The State of Manufacturing® is the most comprehensive survey of Minnesota’s manufacturing industry. Join us November 5th as we release our findings from our second survey of 2020 with insights from the impacts of COVID-19.  Learn more and register

November 11 – Strategically Navigating an Uncertain Future
Steve Haarstad, one of Enterprise Minnesota’s top strategy experts, will show you how to create or adjust your business strategy to weather the next 90 days. Online via Zoom  Learn more and register

November 19 – Are Your Leaders on Board?
Join talent expert Michele Neale as she demonstrates the art of change leadership and how to help your workforce adapt to change. Online via Zoom  Learn more and register

December 15 – Understanding Business Management: ISO
Expert Keith Gadacz will be outlining the basics of business management systems and how they can benefit your business. Learn how to get prepared for ISO certification and how to leverage its benefits. Online via Zoom  Learn more and register

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