Here We Go Again!

The Weekly Report – July 10, 2023
The State of Manufacturing® survey season began last week, and we couldn’t be more excited.

As our newest edition of the 2023 State of Manufacturing® kicked off last week, I couldn’t help get a little nostalgic about what brought us to this moment. It’s our 15th year of conducting this survey of Minnesota manufacturing executives that uncovers the latest trends in key business areas.

I remember our very first year of doing the survey, when I believe we had two sponsors, and the shelf life of the results was about a month and a half long.

But here we are, a decade and a half later. The release of the survey results is one of the most widely anticipated annual business events of the year. State of Manufacturing® survey results and events hold the attention of stakeholders, including the media and policymakers year-round.

And those sponsorships have grown exponentially into true partnerships in support of manufacturing. From law and accounting firms to banks and investment companies to marketing and human resources experts, this year’s sponsors are a real “who’s who” of professionals who comprise an enduring support network for manufacturers across the state.

We’re also delighted that this year’s sponsors include seven colleges. Anyone in manufacturing  will tell you that these institutions are the future of the manufacturing workforce. We cannot overstate their importance to the future health of manufacturing.

The sponsors come together for the events surrounding the survey, giving them the opportunity to network with companies and each other to improve the support and services they provide to manufacturers. From last week’s kickoff to our big results-release event in November and regional follow-ups manufacturers and our sponsors have the opportunity to continue making valuable connections.

This year’s survey questionnaire is already being prepared. Our pollster, Meeting Street Insights, will be contacting 535 small and medium-sized manufacturing executives around the state in August and September. We allow two extra weeks because we over sample in Greater Minnesota in each of the Initiative Foundation regions, giving us very region-specific data for those areas.

If you get a phone call from Meeting Street Insights, please take the call! This extraordinarily valuable research helps manufacturing across the state. Over our 15 years of conducting the survey, our engagement level has been exceptional, and we want to continue that.

We will also hold focus groups to supplement the survey research. While the survey shows what is happening in manufacturing, the focus groups provide insight on why.

This year, we’ll be presenting the results of the survey a little differently than in the past. By sharing the data around themes that emerge from the survey, we will make the results even more relevant for manufacturers and those who support them.

Our pollster will discuss the data surrounding each theme, and we’ll also have Enterprise Minnesota clients and consultants share their strategies for managing these issues. Finally, we’ll hit the road to present the data at our regional events around the state.

Since its inception, the State of Manufacturing® survey has offered an unparalleled opportunity for the entire manufacturing ecosystem–companies, the professionals who support them, colleges, the media and policymakers–to connect about key issues. The energy and enthusiasm at last week’s luncheon kickoff has all of us excited to begin this year’s State of Manufacturing® season.

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