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The Weekly Report – July 6, 2020
Consultants use Mural to duplicate brainstorming sessions digitally.

Chances are we’ve all benefited from one of those ideation sessions in which teams collaborate through a process that includes walls of big sheets of paper or whiteboards containing clusters of sticky notes. It can be a remarkable experience to behold how our consultants have mastered this technique.

One of the best among them is David Ahlquist, a business growth consultant who helps manufacturing companies build cultures of continuous improvement that contribute to overall operational excellence. David uses his expertise in lean enterprise, lean product development, and quality management systems to help manufacturers boost their company’s productivity. But the constraints of the COVID-19 economy have forced him–and all of our consultants–to adapt to a changing environment, to zig where they used to zag.

Last March, just before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most of business as we know it, the management team at Western Spring summoned David to their Hugo-based plant to help integrate a new robotic arm that they hoped would transform their operation. They knew they needed to upgrade the software, so the business systems and scheduling protocols would keep the machine busy.

This is David’s sweet spot. He assembled a cross-functional team representing all the areas of the company that were going to be touching this. It included four members who worked on the shop floor, someone from receiving, and someone else who pulled materials for jobs. From the office, he included the production manager, the engineer, the salesman, and then also the office support who did a lot of the purchasing.

After using an in-person session to fashion the “current state” of his value stream map, COVID-19 changed everything. He would conduct the next three six-hour sessions virtually. For that, he turned to a virtual whiteboard computer program called Mural.

Mural is an online visual collaboration space that substitutes for those in-company walls. People can map all sorts of content. The program operates on a monitor but can accommodate a vast amount of material, all while enabling people to work from their desks in a variety of locations. (I encourage you to test it out on YouTube.)

Using a very intuitive format, David leads them through a process in which participants can drag and drop elements intuitively. Almost as if they are in the same room, they can share documents, pictures, shapes, and icons. They can even upload files, links, and videos directly from their computer or the cloud. Items in a Word document will transform instantly into discrete sticky notes.

David admits that the meeting constraints imposed by COVID-19 have limited some of the personal in-company experiences, especially when analyzing the “current state” of a company. The next step—the action plan—is easier to do remotely, he says.

Working remotely still has some shortcomings, even with Mural, David says. “We miss their personal reactions. We need to keep them engaged. We need to break more often. We don’t like to go more than an hour without letting people get up and stretch their legs.”

That said, Mural has worked out so well that David is even thinking about incorporating Mural into his post-COVID work plans. It can accommodate sessions when scheduling is difficult, travel is a problem, or when people need to participate from separate offices.

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