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The Weekly Report – September 21, 2020
Focus groups

It’s amazing how much candor can come out of a one-hour focus group meeting.

Right now, we’re in the middle of conducting our annual State of Manufacturing® survey. The only one of its kind in the nation, the survey gets to the essence of the most important issues facing Minnesota manufacturers.

To get to that essence, we use a two-prong approach. The first prong is the actual survey that many of you have probably seen. Our award-winning pollster, after extensive collaboration with us to develop the most pertinent questions, fans out across the state to query manufacturers.

The other prong, then, is the focus groups. And this is where things have gotten very interesting.

This year’s focus groups, obviously, have looked very different. Whereas in years past we’d convene in conference rooms across the state, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in focus groups migrating to the online meeting platform we’ve all become very familiar with: Zoom.

We wondered how a virtual format might impact the tenor of the focus groups. In the past they’ve been candid, honest, and intimate conversations about the challenges facing manufacturers. But any concerns we may have had disappeared after the first session as manufacturers were just as willing to share their thoughts and feelings about the industry virtually as they were in person.

As some of you may know, we initially embarked on our annual State of Manufacturing last spring. It soon became clear, however, that the pandemic was going to be an unavoidable roadblock to getting them done. So we pushed it back a few months to fall, thinking the delay would allow us to pick the brains of manufacturers who had just been through the initial phase of one of the most unusual and challenging events our country has seen.

Insights coming out of the first half of the focus groups have been nothing short of fascinating.

COVID-19 is still on everyone’s mind, but variations in the impact have been startling. Some manufacturers took substantial hits to their bottom lines. Others saw unexpected double-digit revenue growth. Some saw both: major hits to sectors impacted by supply chain interruptions, and demand spikes in other sectors.

Workforce issues remain top of mind. It’s still a challenge, especially in areas of greater Minnesota where competition is stiff for a limited labor force, to attract and retain good employees. And many have lamented the impact of government aid in keeping people well-paid while unemployed.

But perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of the focus groups is how prevalent the issue of cyber security is becoming.

Several manufacturers told grim tales of substantial financial losses to computer hacking scams that hold company data hostage for ransom. If you thought this form of cyber threat was beyond us, think again; one manufacturer confessed he had just been hacked by ransomware the night before the focus group met. In every focus group so far, manufacturers voiced concern about cyber security. And all but one included manufacturers who have been hit by hacking attempts.

If you’ve ever wanted a one-hour crash course in how high-level manufacturing executives are dealing with workforce or cyber security challenges, or how they’re persevering through adversity, consider sitting in on a focus group. There are several left and it’s not too late to sign up. Participation helps you by learning from the wisdom of other manufactures, helps us get a clear picture of the state of manufacturing, and helps your fellow manufacturers through the robust sharing of ideas and camaraderie.

Our State of Manufacturing findings will be unveiled Nov. 5 at our annual State of Manufacturing event, which this year will be virtual. That’s an event you don’t want to miss.

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