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Strategy for Growth

Strategy for Growth

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Strategy is essential for growth

What We Do

Growing your business means first understanding where your business is today. Do you have a well-rounded perspective on your management systems, customers, employee skills, marketplace conditions, and competitive advantage? Are you engaging thought leaders within your organization? Is your strategic vision a part of your organizational culture?

Enterprise Minnesota’s strategy experts work with you to assess the overall health of your company using a tool that evaluates 21 areas of your business. With this new knowledge, we develop key benchmarks to meet your long-term growth goals and guide you through our strategic process of building new market opportunities and delivering greater value to your customers.

What You Can Expect

  • Increased top-line revenue growth
  • A strategic roadmap to grow your business
  • Deeper integration between your capital planning, budgeting processes and strategic vision
  • Stronger alignment between leadership roles and organizational growth goals
  • Improved structure for your continuous improvement efforts

How it Works

A client asked Enterprise Minnesota to develop a long-term growth plan that included a leadership transition. The company, a family business, was experiencing strong growth but lacked clearly defined leadership roles and organizational growth goals. They were also concerned with its reliance on only a few large customers. Enterprise Minnesota experts showed how our strategy services provide a clear assessment of the company’s overall health and growth opportunities for the future.

With the plan in place, Enterprise Minnesota helped develop a series of initiatives, assigned to members of the company’s leadership team accountable for implementation and success. This process ensured that the client successfully began its leadership transition as well the integration of its newly formed strategic vision into the existing organizational culture. The client also learned how to effectively segment its customer base and to diversify its revenue streams.

Why Enterprise Minnesota

For 30 years, Enterprise Minnesota has advised midsize to smaller manufacturing companies across the state on how to increase revenue, boost productivity, improve operational excellence, and grow profitably.  Our experts have spent years working in and around manufacturing and will work with you to develop the customized solutions your business needs to compete and grow. We guarantee all of our work.

We are Minnesota’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) affiliate, which provides us a dynamic network of resources that contribute to our client’s success.

Contact us to learn more about how our strategy experts can help your company on the path to profitable growth or begin a conversation with us to help us learn more about your company.

Our Services

  • Financial Analysis
  • Strategy Management
  • Enterprise Valuation
  • Revenue Growth Assessment
  • Action Sales
  • Marketing Management System
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market Planning
  • Global Market Strategy
  • Market Research and Analysis

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“Enterprise Minnesota has never felt like an outside consultant and has always been a valued partner in helping us improve the way we do business. These consulting projects not only helped us develop a roadmap to meet our strategic objective of growth, but most importantly ensured that we included all the stakeholders in Harmony Enterprises, Inc. in the process.”

Steve Cremer – President
Harmony Enterprises, Inc.
Harmony, MN

“The consultants we have worked with at Enterprise Minnesota have been fantastic. Mary Connor was really knowledgeable and knew the Strategy Management process. The process itself was so useful and we have utilized what we learned there on other projects and initiatives during the past few years.”

Traci Tapani – Co-President
Wyoming Machine
Stacy, MN

“While we have done formal strategic planning for many years, marketing has always been an afterthought. With the help of Enterprise Minnesota, our marketing plan is now focused on how we can best serve our customers and has become a key part of our strategic plan.”

Tom Murphy – President
Eagan, MN

“Every time we have engaged Enterprise Minnesota, we’ve learned something new. With their help we have been able to cut our lead times and reach our growth objectives. Having Enterprise Minnesota as another set of eyes on our business has been great.”

Verne McPherson – CEO/Owner
Tolerance Masters
Circle Pines, MN

“I was fortunate to be involved with both the Proactive Marketing and Strategy Management projects.  Both were great as they focused on the needs of manufacturing companies.  Roger (Hurd) and Mary (Connor) were great resources and did a wonderful job of steering us through the projects.  With the Strategy Management, every employee in the company was involved in at least one or more of the 21 research areas.  We also included customers and vendors in the process.  As a result, we established a solid foundation from which we are able to build upon and keep the business moving forward.”

John Kroll – VP, Sales and Marketing
Midwest Rubber Service & Supply Company
Plymouth, MN

“RIE Coatings could be a case study in how a company can define a value proposition, and then create and implement a plan. It’s gone very well for us.”

Chuck Rau – President
RIE Coatings
Eden Valley, MN

“Enterprise Minnesota offered a program that appeared well aligned to providing Delkor support in meeting our objectives. Over a period of three months, Enterprise Minnesota worked with us to help define our product offering, focus on the best markets for penetration and growth, and connect us with numerous external resources we were previously unaware of. The combination of these elements enabled us to achieve our strategic objectives and has positioned us to expand our presence in the Latin America market and improve our efforts in the Canada, Australia, and New Zealand markets.”

Mike Wilcox – Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Delkor Systems, Inc.
Arden Hills, MN

“I’ve never seen so much new work coming into our facility as there is now. That’s a direct effort from the strategic plan, looking for new markets and listening to what the market needs are. With Enterprise Minnesota coming in and helping us, they led us through a very unique process for strategic planning, [and] gave a unique perspective that we would not have come up with our own.”

Tom Renk – President
Alliant Castings
Winona, MN

“I feel like the networking and resources that we gained through Enterprise Minnesota's Global Market Strategy program helped us to move forward the equivalent of 3-4 years in about six months.  It has really accelerated our movement forward towards accomplishing our strategic goal of developing a global presence in support of our growth goals.”

Jerry Kauffman – President & CEO
Windings Inc.
New Ulm, MN

“We now have solid relationships in several new countries and have the resources here in the U.S. to help us expand to other markets. Our company is growing because we took that first step to becoming knowledgeable about exporting and gaining the confidence to sell internationally.”

Allan Cronen – President
GVL Poly
Litchfield, MN
Success Stories

Wyoming Machine needed a new path to achieve its growth goals, Enterprise Minnesota's Strategy Management helped lead the company in the right direction. 

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Harmony Enterprises wanted to double its sales and increase profitably while maintaining its long-held core values. 

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Tolerance Masters was looking to grow its business by 15% per year over the next five years. To achieve this the company needed to identify and develop new customers in key markets, increase its throughput, and improve its ability to meet the capacity and delivery demands of its customers.

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CARDSource was looking to grow its revenue by better targeting and servicing specific market segments.

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Midwest Rubber experienced tremendous growth and leadership knew it needed to establish a more structured long-term strategic approach for the business to effectively position the company for continued rapid growth, and also prepare to transition to a new generation of leadership.

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Alliant Castings was facing a transfer of ownership from one generation of the family-run business to the next. At the same time, due to the economic downturn, the company was experiencing a 35 percent to 40 percent decrease in sales. The majority of the company’s business was also strongly concentrated in a handful of major clients.

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Needing expertise in order to grow its client base, Kluge Design Inc. looked to Enterprise Minnesota to help it proactively identify new markets for its products.

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Delkor worked with Enterprise Minnesota to develop a systematic process for expanding its global markets.

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New Ulm manufacturer Windings Inc. takes its business global thanks to Enterprise Minnesota's Global Market Strategy program.

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Enterprise Minnesota’s Global Market Strategy service gave the company confidence in dealing with a range of exporting issues like shipping, containers, currency and distribution.

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