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“Achieving ISO status has impacted ERMC in ways we didn’t anticipate. For some companies having a Quality Management System or “QMS” is all about the quality. For ERMC, it’s a management system to improve how we run our business. It’s about having a management system in place that will allow our organization to grow beyond our entrepreneurial roots to become a company that can do much, much more. Focusing on the ‘M’ in our QMS has allowed us to improve our management system in ways that will enhance our organizational discipline and allow us to double the size of our operation.”

Jim Barthel – President
Elk River Machine Company
Elk River, MN

"I feel blessed to have Enterprise Minnesota on my side working with me to be a better manufacturer in greater Minnesota."

Denise Johnson – President
RiteWay Manufacturing
Lester Prairie, MN

"The participants who took part in the training were extremely impressed with the quality of the instruction; it was practical and useful in their daily activities at Douglas Machine. In terms of its usefulness and practicality, I would give it very high marks.I would also give high-marks to the instructors who provided quality hands-on training."

Rick Paulsen – CEO
Douglas Machine, Inc.
Alexandria, MN

“For many companies, GMI included, the appeal of ISO certification is a variety of tangible value-adds. But I believe some of the greatest benefits GMI has seen cannot be measured. Interactions between departments and personnel during our internal audits have proven extremely valuable in helping foster better communication among and a thorough understanding of each department’s responsibilities. As a result, there is a greater respect among departments for the role each plays within the larger system. The certification process has also opened employees’ minds to look for opportunities to gain even more efficiencies moving forward. In short, our culture has shifted to one of continuous improvement, adding what we feel is tremendous value to the business.”

Richard Powell – President
GMI, Inc.
Ramsey, MN

"The value to me is being in a group exclusively with other manufacturers. The group members come from a variety of industries, but we are all facing a lot of the same issues unique to manufacturing."

Lori Tapani – Co-President
Wyoming Machine
Stacy, MN

"There is a real value in sitting in a room with people who have an outsider perspective on your business and come from different types of enterprises, but still face many similar issues. We learn from each other about the right way to do things and the wrong way to do things, the peer council helps me keep my business on the right track." 

Tom Murphy – President
Eagan, MN