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Talent and Leadership

Talent and Leadership

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How to Develop Your Future Leaders
Tuesday, Apr 9, 2019
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How to Develop Your Future Leaders
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Engage your people, boost productivity, develop your future leaders

What We Do

What is your company doing to attract, engage, and retain the workforce you need to maximize a positive/productive work culture and to grow business? Do you have people ready to step up and become your next supervisor or leader? Are you empowering your employees at all levels to solve problems and make decisions? Are you equipped to manage and develop employees representing multiple generations?

Our talent and leadership development experts assess your business to determine the competencies you need now and in the future. We show your employees the knowledge and skills they need to improve productivity, become effective leaders, and help your business grow profitably. 

What You Can Expect

  • Be best prepared for future growth
  • Know where your skill and leadership gaps are and how to close them
  • Bolster productivity at all levels
  • Improved workforce adaptability and accountability
  • A stronger leadership culture across the organization

How it Works

A rapidly expanding client company wanted to reduce product defects, rework, and morale issues often associated with adding new workers and promoting new frontline supervisors. Enterprise Minnesota’s talent experts led the client through a series of Training Within Industry (TWI) projects and Social Styles, a leadership and communication skills development program. TWI helped supervisors standardize essential supervisory skills, and establish a training program utilizing existing “tribal knowledge,” empowering employees to identify and solve production problems. Social Styles helped the client’s new and existing leaders increase knowledge of their own communication style and the communication style of each of their colleagues. 

As a result, the client saw defect rates plummet, scrap and rework decrease, and waste was reduced or eliminated across the production process. Employee productivity and morale improved and employee turnover and absenteeism went down.

Why Enterprise Minnesota

For 30 years, Enterprise Minnesota has advised midsize to smaller manufacturing companies across the state on how to increase revenue, boost productivity, improve operational excellence, and grow profitably.  Our experts have spent years working in and around manufacturing and will work with you to develop the customized solutions your business needs to compete and grow. We guarantee all of our work.

We are Minnesota’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) affiliate, which provides us a dynamic network of resources that contribute to our client’s success.

Contact us to learn about how Enterprise Minnesota can help your business develop the skills and leaders it needs to grow or begin a conversation with us to help us learn more about your company.

Our Services

  • Leadership-Team Competency Assessment
  • Executive Problem Solving
  • Practical Problem Solving
  • Learning to Lead
    • Social Styles/Communication Kaizen
    • Accountability
    • Adaptability
    • Change Leadership
  • TWI - Job Instruction (Teaching Best Practices)
  • TWI - Job Methods (Building Best Practices)
  • TWI - Job Relations (Workplace Relations)
  • TWI - Job Safety
  • Employee Engagement
  • Strategic Thinking

Contact Us Begin The Conversation


 “We are a growing company, we have been adding 10 to 20 employees a year and our experience with TWI for the leadership team proved to us that it works so with our new people we decided to make TWI a priority and we have been very happy with it. With TWI, not only do we have employees who are improving their skills, but we find that they are happier employees because they know we want them to succeed and be prepared to advance. The instructors from Enterprise Minnesota did a good job of developing a thorough process and their willingness to regularly follow-up to ensure the training was effective has definitely helped us create a better culture for change.”     

Mark Shervey – President
Pequot Tool & Manufacturing, Inc.
Jenkins, MN

“The support we have had from Enterprise Minnesota has proved to be invaluable. The knowledge the staff has working with people is impressive. With their help, we are now able to consistently train our staff on the important steps, what we do, in what order, how we do it, and why we do it that way. Whenever we ask for a follow-up or help dealing with an issue that arises, Enterprise Minnesota’s staff has been more than willing to come to our aid whether it's a phone call or an on-site visit. At times, that has meant spending some time on our midnight shift, or even working an extra-long day to cover all three shifts; no matter, they are there for us regardless.”

Randy Tupa – Quality Assurance Manager
L&M Radiator
Hibbing, MN

 “Participating in Enterprise Minnesota’s Practical Problem Solving helped us see the value of developing our problem-solving expertise and we are becoming better at defining problems with increasing clarity. Using real problems we were experiencing during the consulting gave us the confidence that we are on the right track to higher customer satisfaction, higher margins and better teamwork.”

Dale Walker – Director of Continuous Improvement
Le Sueur Inc.
Le Sueur, MN

“Enterprise Minnesota’s staff was very knowledgeable and the pace of the training was perfect. We have seen improved communication across the board, not only inside the plant, but externally with our customers as well.”

Craig Ryan – General Manager/Owner
Page 1 Printers
Slayton, MN

“Being able to know that we’re polluting less, spending less, and making more is one of the very rare win-win-win situations.”

Tim Ranta – Plant Engineer
Minnesota Twist Drill
Hibbing, MN
Success Stories

L&M Radiator was looking for a way to provide its new supervisors with the tools and skills they needed to perform as leaders as well as a way to standardize its training for new and existing employees in order to get everyone on the same page in a speedy manner.

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Page 1 Printers was looking for a solution that would help its frontline supervisors develop strong leadership and communication skills to make productive improvements in their processes, training, and customer service. 

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Le Sueur Inc. participated in Enterprise Minnesota’s Practical Problem Solving (PPS) consulting service, which shows employees how to define and analyze problems, develop an implementation plan and implement corrective measures. 

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Pequot Tool’s rapidly rising number of employees meant that the company would have a lot of new employees to train, in addition to its existing goal of implementing a standardized talent development program for current employees.

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Minnesota Twist Drill president Scott Allison asked Enterprise Minnesota to help his company strengthen the leadership skills of its supervisory staff as they worked on implementing Lean initiatives.   

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