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General Questions

What is Enterprise Minnesota?+

Enterprise Minnesota is an ISO 9001:2008 certified consulting organization that works with medium and smaller manufacturing enterprises to help them compete and grow profitably. The organization also serves as the “voice” for the industry, raising visibility and appreciation for the value manufacturers provide our communities and the state’s economy. Our affiliation with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) further positions us to offer clients leading-edge services to improve manufacturing operations and strengthen business.

To learn more about Enterprise Minnesota visit our About Us page or download our organizational brochure.

How has Enterprise Minnesota impacted Minnesota’s manufacturing industry? +

In the last five years alone Enterprise Minnesota has helped over 510 Minnesota manufacturing companies gain access to strategies that increase efficiency and promote growth. Thanks to our consulting work, Enterprise Minnesota’s clients have realized a total positive economic impact of over $696 million in sales, reduced costs by over $131 million, invested over $289 million in capital expenditures and modernization and added or retained over 6,600 jobs. 

What is Enterprise Minnesota’s affiliation with the Federal Government?+

Enterprise Minnesota is one of 51 federal Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) organizations nationwide chartered to help medium size and smaller manufacturers compete and grow. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is a program inside the U.S. Department of Commerce. To learn more visit our Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) page.

What is Enterprise Minnesota’s affiliation with the State Government?+

In 2007 the Minnesota State Legislature began investing in manufacturing companies through the Growth Acceleration Program (GAP). GAP is a matching investment that enables small manufacturing companies to access business improvement services that lead to job creation, job retention and future business growth. GAP is administered by Enterprise Minnesota. To learn more please visit our Growth Acceleration Program page.

What is the State of Manufacturing®?+

Each year Enterprise Minnesota and its key strategic partners release results of an in-depth, statistically significant survey of the perceptions and opinions of over 400 Minnesota manufacturing executives. The survey is accompanied by several focus groups, composed of executives, managers, and thought leaders revealing their thoughts on the economy and other major issues impacting their ability to do business.

More information on The State of Manufacturing® survey can be found here

Consulting Questions

What types of services does Enterprise Minnesota offer? +

We offer a variety of consulting methodologies tailored to fit each client’s specific business needs. Need help crafting a successful long-term strategic business plan? Want to eliminate waste and improve productivity? Looking to identify new markets and grow your revenue? Want to earn ISO certification? To learn more check out our Consulting Services page.

What are Manufacturing Peer Councils?+


Enterprise Minnesota's Manufacturing Peer Councils are made up exclusively of manufacturing executives from companies of all sizes and can be found throughout the state. These peer councils provide members with a structured forum to speak candidly and confidentially about business challenges and opportunities and to learn about key topics to help them better manage their businesses. To learn more, check our Manufacturing Peer Councils page.

Do you work with manufacturers across Minnesota?+

Yes, we work with manufacturers in the Twin Cities metro area and in Greater Minnesota. We cover all 87 counties across the state.

Who are Enterprise Minnesota’s typical clients?+

We work with a wide variety of small to medium size manufacturing companies all over Minnesota, employing anywhere from 5 to 500+ people. From plastics and food to computers and metal castings, if you are a manufacturing company in Minnesota, we can help. To learn more about the Minnesota manufacturers we have helped visit Our Clients page.

What sets Enterprise Minnesota apart from other consulting firms? +

Our experts have spent years working in and around manufacturing and provide you with the honest and practical insight you need to grow your business. We work with our clients on a project basis at fixed fees so they are better able to manage their investments.

How can I start a business relationship with Enterprise Minnesota?+

Call us at 612-373-2900 or email us at or to help us better understand how we can help your business, please take a few minutes to fill out our Company Review.

What is the Growth Acceleration Program (GAP)?+

The Growth Acceleration Program (GAP) is a matching grant that enables manufacturers of 250 or fewer full-time employees to access business improvement services. Eligible companies must have a business plan for improvements and demonstrate an economic need for GAP. All companies awarded GAP resources must match at least $1 for every $1 of GAP investment. To find out more about GAP, please visit our Growth Acceleration Program page.

Media, Publication, and Advertising Questions

What kind of advertising and sponsorship options does Enterprise Minnesota offer?+

Enterprise Minnesota offers a variety of advertising and sponsorship options for businesses looking to reach decision-makers in the manufacturing industry. For details on our specific options visit our Advertising and Sponsorships page.  

How do I sign up to receive The Weekly Report newsletter?+

Head over to our subscriptions page to sign up for The Weekly Report newsletter, Enterprise Minnesota® magazine, and to receive event notifications about upcoming Enterprise Minnesota business events.

How can I get Enterprise Minnesota magazine®?+

Sign up to receive your free online or print subscription to Enterprise Minnesota magazine® on our subscriptions page. While you are there remember to sign up for The Weekly Report newsletter so you can stay up to date on the latest manufacturing news and trends.

Is Enterprise Minnesota’s President and CEO Bob Kill available for press interviews and speaking engagements? +

Yes, please contact our Public Relations Manager Chris Morse for more details. 

Where can I download a copy of the Enterprise Minnesota or The State of Manufacturing logo?+

The Enterprise Minnesota logo, The State of Manufacturing® logo, and a high-resolution photo of Enterprise Minnesota president and CEO Bob Kill are available for download on our media contacts and logos page.